The National Development and Policy Research Institute of Southeast University is a research institution directly under Southeast University. It was officially established and opened on November 3, 2016 at the Jiulonghu Campus of Southeast University, and has become another important milestone in the construction of the school's liberal arts think tank. Since its establishment, it has continued to focus on the construction of high-end think tanks in the country, focusing on the common issues of national development such as development reform and innovation, population and health, ecosystem and civilization, and public safety. Through innovative operating mechanisms and systems, it strives to build itself as a top talent gathering place, a source for future innovative ideas and the demonstration area for top-notch innovative talent training models. Relying on the resource advantages of Southeast University and the School of Economics and Management of Southeast University, the Institute provides in-depth thinking and exploration of trending social and economic topics and suggestions for the reform of China's social, political and economic system; It conducts scientific research cooperation with many enterprises, institutions and state agencies, proposing practical policy recommendations by combining theory and practice for specific areas; It keeps communicating and cooperating with relevant domestic and foreign scientific research institutions and think tanks, conducting comparative research, absorbing advanced foreign economic and social development concepts, and then introducing China ’s own development experience to the world. Based on China's particular national conditions, the National Development Institute will conduct comprehensive research on the transitioning Chinese society, contributing its own effort to the country's sustainable development, and strive to build an independent, professional, and influential think tank.